A Perfect Unfit

Dilli Waali Ladki

Every morning on the way to work, she would meet him and he would take the longer route. He says he doesn’t want to get stuck in traffic but she knew he was kinda stuck with her. In early morning winter fog, his hands would search for her fingers and she would blush away. He would look away with a smile and she would get goosebumps with his every touch.


She sure was falling and he wasn’t ready to catch her.

Hours slipped into days and days were turning months. Each passing day, there was an itch in her heart to hold him close and to forget what it feels to be in love. Each morning she would head down to the same road, to see him one more time. But long before she knew, he was gone.

A road often traveled and a story incomplete.

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Dilli Waali Ladki

Memories; a curse or a boon? Memories as we call them, what are they? Reminisce of past, a part of life that we’ve lived before, a place we have been, a song that we have sung and a smile we shared.
They have a crucial place in our lives, they intertwine our past and present. Sometimes when we are alone memories accompany us and sometimes when we are in a crowd they make us feel alone. An emotion, a feeling, a lingering thought; memories are just a part of our brain and heart.

But what if one day you wake up and have no memory of whatsoever.

What if you can’t remember from where you came, who you are, what matters in your life and what is that you’ve been looking for? What will you do? Can you imagine how different life would be? Will it be like a canvas filled…

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